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About Jim Jensen

Jim Jensen is the host of The Essential Boomer and Medical Pot Guide Podcasts and blogs.

Jim is an NASM certified fitness trainer with an advanced certification in corrective exercise.

Jim also has an AA in Adaptive Fitness and owned Fit for Life, an adaptive fitness company for over 12 years.


My mission is simple…

To enable everyone to enjoy life to their fullest potential, regardless of their challenges.

"As the founder of Fit for Life, over the last 15 years, I’ve worked with many people who were dealing with a wide array of physical challenges.
I’ve worked with people from 8 to 100 years old and I strive to stay abreast of the latest research and trends in health and fitness.
Almost 5 years ago I founded The Essential Boomer podcast, blog, and Facebook group to provide much needed information for us boomers to help us in every phase of our lives.
Two years ago I saw a vital need to spread the truth about medical cannabis and founded the Medical Pot Guide, blog, and private Facebook Group.
Through it, I have shared the latest information about medical cannabis with over 70,000 people.
This summer, I am compelled to return to the Essential Boomer to focus on sharing the science-based truth on health extension, as well as the most important topics that directly affect us boomers, and honorary boomers.
I too am a baby boomer and have chosen to arm myself with the knowledge necessary to age successfully. I have the right to talk the talk because I walk the walk.
I hope that you will join me on my path so that together we can all learn the art and science of aging as healthily and happily as possible."